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Capt. Kidd’s Legendary Money Island

Did you know that Capt. Kidd’s lost buried treasure supposedly lies just minutes from Wrightsville Beach on Money Island? Sure, it’s been searched many times over the centuries, but maybe, just maybe, it’s you who finds it! 

The History: 

Just off the mouth of Bradley Creek lies Money Island. Once much larger, the island is now little more than a stop off and quick walk about, but the lore that lives here is worth every doubloon. The story goes that around 1699, Capt. William Kidd visited Greenville Sound and thought it the right spot to bury two iron chests of silver and gold (with 2 saplings planted over each to mark the spot). Wilmingtonians were known to have been digging for it legitimately, even into the 1920s! The tree structure and land itself have changed dramatically over time so don’t expect to see those saplings, but just knowing that this could been the legendary “X” on a real pirate’s map is enough to stir curiosity and fill fantasies indefinitely. Shall we give you a map and help you set course? Come aboard mateys.

Find more comprehensive history and information HERE

The Put In:

It’s a bit more rugged than our usual landings, but hey, Kidd and Edward Teach (Blackbeard) wouldn’t have it any other way. A 5 minute drive from Wrightsville Beach, we’ll set your sail (or kayak or paddle board) on Bradley Creek where it’s about a 30-40 minute paddle to Money Island (plenty of surrounding barrier islands to explore as well). You’ll pass the lovely Bradley Creek Marina (beautiful boats!) on your starboard side with the famed Airlie Gardens to your port. And if you have time, the paddle south of the launch highlights some of the most gorgeous marsh paddle trails around to meander through. It’s all pretty spectacular, and we think you’ll agree. Give us a call to write your own tale to be spun throughout the years!