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Palm Tree Island

So just what is going on with that sandbar island just to the left as you head over the Wrightsville Beach Bridge? Sometimes it’s desolate enough that you can make out the fake palm tree, the flagpole, and, with a keen eye, the permanent parking meter. Well, there’s lore galore surrounding the facts here (and we’re happy to spin them ’round for ya!) but let’s get down to the nitty gritty first:

This is a grade A spot to paddleboard or kayak to and get comfortable at the same time. We can put you in just 70 yards or so from the island so you have a nice soft landing spot almost immediately. And yeah, we mean soft. It’s one of the few places we know of that you can wade/swim without concern of oyster shells cutting you on the sound side. It’s like a little private beach actually, just off the intracoastal waterway. It’s also a perfect location for company team building exercises, as everyone can hang on the island and kayak, paddleboard, or MEGALODON it up as wanted.

Sure, on the weekends it looks like a full on party (cause it is sometimes) but during the week this ‘lil island is a pure desolation station of get your paddle groove on.

Seriously, it’s a great place to learn to paddle anything. You can stop, plant your toes in the sand, tie your board or kayak up at the parking meter and breath deep. Want to sit and have lunch? Swim? Paddle around until comfortable and then head out on the surrounding kayak trails? Any of it. All of it.