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Sharks Tooth Island Kayaking Tours

Sharks Tooth Island fossil and tooth hunting is a kayaking day we guarantee you and yours will never forget. We’ll outfit you with sifters, kayaks or paddleboards, maps, lore, and more for an incredibly memorable self guided Shark Tooth Island kayaking tour. Located just a short drive from Wrightsville Beach, NC (20 minutes – free parking) or Carolina Beach (10 minutes drive), we’ll launch you and show you the ins and outs for a quick kayak trip over.

The island (as well as surrounding ones you can hop around between) is an archeological find in the middle of the Cape Fear River, dredged in a way that has created a mass amount of shark teeth, fossils, and whale bone waiting to be discovered by you. Our guide will provide all the info and gear you need, plus all kinds of tips, tricks, secret spots (wink, wink),  and stories to set you up and set the mood for an all out Indiana Jones afternoon.

We also provide a unique service compared to other companies in that we allow you to go when you feel like it (depending on conditions of course), as opposed to having to set your schedule according to guided tours that only run at specific times. You also set the amount of time that you’d like to kayak / paddle board and island hop / hunt so that you’re not at the mercy of strict time slots. In short, we keep it super flexible for you, and intimate for only you and your party (large or small).

This uninhabited dream of pure paleontology makes for an unforgettable day (count your fossilized booty later that night!). Don’t forget to explore nearby Keg Island (and others) too!

Kids AND adults kinda go nuts over this most unique day trip. Let us get you there and show you how to unearth a colossal fossil of a whale of a good time. Dig?

And, of course, feel free to get in touch and ask any and all questions that you may have that we haven’t answered here.

*Pricing and time minimums may vary from our standard pricing depending on group size.